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Time Warner Cable of Ithaca doesn't offer an affiliate TV station of the new CW Network on its cable lineup! (Thus, the same is true of Cornell's new CUTV service, which brings TV signals to students in the dorm rooms over the ResNet network.) There's long been a problem with UPN, but it's even worse now that UPN and the WB have merged to form the CW.


If you're interested in watching the popular "Veronica Mars" TV series, "Gilmore Girls," "Smallville," "America's Next Top Model," "One Tree Hill," WWE wrestling, or any other CW programming, as things stand now, you won't be able to watch them on cable TV in Ithaca or on CUTV. Ithaca-area viewers missed multiple seasons of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Star Trek: Enterprise," and "Roswell" for the same reason.

Time Warner Cable outlets in Syracuse, Rochester, and Cincinnati all added UPN programming to their customers' cable lineups. Not Ithaca! Time Warner Cable in Ithaca felt that the expense of adding a distant UPN affiliate such as WSBK Boston or WWOR New York was not warranted; they feel that their cable subscribers should not all have to cover the increased expense of carrying a network that not everyone wants.

There's no sign that there'll be anything different about the CW, though you would think that a Warner-owned network would warrant a solution. If you believe they're mistaken about the level of interest in CW locally, let them know! Encourage your friends to let them know!

In the summer of 2001, Ithaca Time Warner Cable assured customers that even if they didn't have a solution by the time UPN's fall season started, they would have a UPN affiliate in place for January 1st, the next suitable window of opportunity. January and July 2002, the opportunities to add new channels, came and went, and there was still no UPN. Why should we think their claims about "working on it" be different now?

Had enough? See the bottom of this page for a link to order DISH Network service. You can add UPN affiliates easily to the basic programming offered through DISH Network. USS Accord even gets a cut!

Time Warner says requests for CW service in Ithaca should be sent to the address listed on their web site,

I strongly recommend sending an e-mail, but following it up with a paper letter or a fax using the contact info above. Pieces of paper are much harder to ignore than e-mail messages, and tend to be much more effective when requesting changes from an entertainment industry business.

Above all, be polite! No matter how frustrated you are, a letter that frustrates the recipient won't be effective at conveying your point of view. Write a polite letter that explains that you'd like Time Warner Cable to offer a CW affiliate on its Ithaca lineup, and that explains why, whether it's because of "Veronica Mars," "America's Next Top Model," wrestling, or other CW programming.

You can send an e-mail yourself using the address above, or fill out this form to send an e-mail right now! Please provide your real name, valid e-mail address, and (preferably local) telephone number. If you take the time to customize the message's text, your e-mail will be more effective.

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