USS Accord Officers

USS Accord's "Command Staff" is its Board of Directors, the group of people responsible for making decisions and getting everything done. Each division chief and department head relies on the assistance of others.


Captain Will Devine
Commanding Officer

Will is Accord's third Commanding Officer, having taken over in June, 2008 during the closing ceremonies of STARFLEET's 2008 International Conference. Before that, Will served as Accord's Chief Science Officer.

Captain Alan Rose
Executive Officer

Alan is Accord's fourth XO, and previously served as Chief Operations Officer. Alan helps keep Accord running, acting as an unofficial "ship's alarm clock" to remind J.C. and others of things that need doing, chairing Command Staff meetings, and running meetings when J.C.'s not around. He works for CBORD and recently bought a house on West Hill.

Commander Marie Adinolfi
Chief Communications Officer

Marie is Accord's eighth Chief Communications Officer, returning to a post she held once before and running the Communications division with its award-winning quarterly newsletter and monthly mailing duties.

General Mark H. Anbinder
Chief Engineer

Mark, one of the group's two founders way back in 1989, was Accord's original Commanding Officer, taking the center seat when the group became a shuttle, or provisional chapter of STARFLEET. As Chief Engineer, he is responsible for Accord's Internet presence, including web site and mailing lists.

Captain Daniel Adinolfi
Chief Operations Officer

Dan's most visible responsibilities are planning Accord's chapter activities (such as the monthly Meal and a Mission) and organizing Watkins Glen Weekend. Dan was also chair of STARFLEET's 2008 International Conference, which Accord hosted.

Lieutenant Commander Will Devine
Chief Science Officer

Will is Accord's third Chief Science Officer, responsible for overseeing the group's scientific exploration missions, as well as managing and maintaining our membership database.

General Mark H. Anbinder
Officer In Charge, 771st Marine Strike Group

A member of the STARFLEET Marine Corps, Mark serves as OIC for Accord's Marine contingent in addition to his other duties.

Officer badge graphics courtesy of Memory Alpha. Last modified 6 July 2008 mha.