Watkins Glen Weekend Registration
9-11 October 2015

Please let us know you'll be coming to WGW! We'd appreciate you registering yourself, and if you're bringing anyone else who's not on Glen-L, registering them or making sure they do so. We need a reasonable count of who's coming in general, and a detailed count of who's attending the various meals so we know how much food's needed and how much money's available for it! (We'll be paying for the number of people we provide the caterer and hotel, whether you show up or not.)

Please use the below form or contact wgw@ussaccord.org directly. If you don't get an e-mailed acknowledgment after using the form below, it didn't reach us either; please send e-mail. No "chapter" or "rank" to list? No problem; leave 'em blank.

If you need a vegetarian dinner, now's the time to speak up. Vegetarian meals or addressing other specific dietary needs will be possible by prior arrangement only.